Snowing Again by (Several seconds)

Everyone’s playing 2048, but then all of the sudden there’s Robert Downey Jr. edition—edition/

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<reluctantly joins snk fandom>

<instantly becomes addicted to the opening theme song>

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SteamGamesNetwork - Free Steam Games | Free Steam Keys!


Even if you aren’t interested please click, it helps me out since I don’t have money to buy games most of the time (=

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  • me: i want the thing
  • someone: i'll buy you the thing
  • me: nonono i can't let you do that
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I wish I had friends I could message “their name.. T-T” and have them instantly hug me and ask what’s wrong and comfort me and help stop my crying, and actually care despite the fact I’m constantly a mess.

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Possible Halo 5 concept art of &#8216;Sparth&#8217;

Tuxedo America!

Today’s Sunday Challenge is a giftart for Safier (meenahcide) of her knight on Spiral Knights! :3 (She and her friend Fyridor named all the snipes in Haven - she’d have one as her battle sprite if she could &lt;3)
I’ve had this sketched for months now, so today I finished it off quickly with some colours and a scribble-backdrop. I hope you like it Saf!

A Christmas/New Year gift for my friend Safirien!She doesn’t have a ‘sona, but she is a lioness, so I drew one!
Really happy with how this turned out, too! I decided to try sticking to a limited palette from Colourpod, and I’m especially proud of the eyes! ^w^ It’s sure not perfect (I still need to learn how to line) but I feel awesome for trying!
Colour Palette: Delicate Kiss
created by trustingwaters